Clove Mint Taste – Nirdosh Herbal Dhoompan


  • Tobacco-Free Product
  • Herbal Smoking Sticks
  • Each Packet Contains 10 Smoking Sticks

Nirdosh Herbal Filter Dhoompan is our first product introduced more than 40 years ago. It is the world’s first herbal cigarette that comes with a filter.

Nirdosh Herbal Filter Dhoompan is a beautifully rolled herbal cigarette using Tendu leaves. It is a completely handmade product which is rolled by our hard-working, all-women staff.

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Nirdosh Herbal Filter Dhoompan contains natural flavours of Clove & Mint, which are naturally full of many health benefits.

Our well-trained staff are preparing this product with consistent quality for the past 40 years. And because of consistently giving very high-quality, our products are doing so well in the market for such a long time.

Nirdosh Herbal Filter Dhoompan comes in packs of 10 Herbal Cigarettes and the counter display box contains 10 such packs.


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