Premium – Herbal Raw Mixtures


  • Premium Flavour
  • Tobacco-Free Product
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Comes in 50g pouch


Nirdosh Herbal Raw Mixture is a wonderful combination of herbs based on a recipe from an ancient Ayurvedic book called “Charak Samhita.”

All the herbal ingredients used in this raw mixture are 100% natural and are totally harmless to our body. Each ingredient is full of benefits and the mixture as a whole provides a plethora of positive effects on our body.

Nirdosh Herbal Raw Mixture’s “Premium” flavour is primarily focused on creating a fascinating taste by combining the premium flavour of the various miraculous herbs with other herbal ingredients.

You can use this raw mixture in a variety of ways, i.e. you can smoke it in a pipe, or roll it up using smoking paper or fill it up in our Nirdosh Herbal Empty Tubes.

Nirdosh Herbal Raw Mixture comes in 50g pouch pack and the counter display box contains 10 such pouches.


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